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I am C.G. Reeves

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Launched in 2020 by filmmaker/actor C. G. Reeves, Ronin Oliver Productions strives at all times for the innovative and the bold—new ways of letting the human condition burst open onscreen, onstage, and online. Working primarily with an ensemble cast, we ferret out stories that haven’t been told and put a spin on those that have, often through unconventional dialogue, casting, and/or filming techniques. We want to place “invisible” people, uncomfortable truths, and challenging ideas in the forefront, leading to compelling and empowering works. Once we commit ourselves to such a project, we look to see if it might morph from one form to another, such as a play turning into a short film turning into a feature. Currently we are involved with every aspect of each production, but as we grow we intend to collaborate with other filmmaking companies. 

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